Edible Pixels: Our Second Event

After the Indie Video Game Showcase at BarCamp, we want to extend the conversation about video games beyond domains of technical literacy.  The indie game community has tangible roots in Portland, and I think PIG Squad is a generative space for binding together game developers across a spectrum of interests and investments.  Still, less than 28% of the Portland population have a direct relationship to public schools, and indie game development depends on the vitality of its schools.

Our second event, Gaming for Social Good, wants to add to that investment by asking how video games and game development can help communities address real needs.  Our hope is to be expansive about what those needs are by inviting all kinds of mission-based groups to a curated panel and meetup.


We’ll update this week with the list of wonderful panelists coming to share their perspectives.


Gaming for Social Good
Hosted by Tech4Good and PixelArts

As the use of video games becomes more pervasive–think Angry Birds to Farmville to Wii Fitness–it becomes useful to consider their wider impact on our lives. Are they merely useful for entertainment, or can games help create change through creativity, imagination and play? Can games be valuable for mission-based groups like non-profits, NGOs, and community organizations? How can game design connect students to real-world problems?

We’ll kick off the evening with a panel discussion including speakers at the intersection of gaming and game development for education, non-profit enablement and youth outreach. Our panelists will explore how gaming and the creation of games can positively impact our local communities and wider world mission-based efforts. Following audience Q&A, everyone is welcome to continue the discussion over networking and soft drinks.

Join us to discuss how creating games and game development can benefit the social good!

What: Meetup and Panel Roundtable
Thursday, June 21st 6-9pm
Collective Agency
Game Developers, Creatives, Educators, Non-Profits, Community Groups, NGOs, Programmers, Entrepreneurs, Businesses


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