Barcamp Portland 7: Video Games and a Mini Maker Expo

Last year, Pixel Arts and the Portland Indie Game Squad co-produced a video game showcase and crowdfunding jam at Barcamp Portland.  This year we’re expanding the scope and reach to embed games in a larger ecosystem of maker communities and project related to digital interactivity.  A call for participation can be found at the Barcamp Portland website.


Our goal is to provide a hands-on space to showcase creative work by our talented makers and communities throughout Portland. The mini-expo offers groups a chance to share their work, collaborations and passions with new people. What kinds of projects submissions are we inviting? Anything that promotes hands on engagement and interaction including but not limited to:

  • Video games
  • Digital or static immersion displays
  • Audio, light and visual interactivity technologies
  • DIY hardware hacks, micro-controllers, Arduino, Raspberry PI
  • Digital puppetry, robotics, micro-machines and rotorcraft
  • Motion and gesture sensory recognition technology
  • Origami, paper kits, and 3D printing or modeling
  • Hybrid arts that blend the spectrum of digital and non-digital media

How to Submit

Please apply online.Submission Deadline: Midnight PST, Wed March 13th, 2013.

Our thanks for helping create an amazing community collaboration.

Please RSVP

Barcamp Portland 7 takes place Friday March 29th, 6:30-9pm and Saturday March 30th, 9am-9pm at the Eliot Center,1226 SW Salmon St, Portland, OR 97205.

If you haven’t already don’t forget to RSVP to let us know you plan to attend.


Coming Soon: Report, Video and Website

With 59 attendees, Gaming for Social Good generated a clear signal.  The Portland community is enthusiastic to develop games for change and to do that by collaborating with a wide array of stakeholders.   After our event survey closes on Friday, we will post a report clarifying the results and intentions of attendees.

We have started a user group, Portland Games for Change and have a Facebook page.  Please join us at our monthly meetups.  We’ll have video up soon as well as a new website to host Pixel Arts.